Operational Tasks

  • Advise on best business practices

  • Recruit staff and assist with team building

  • Handle scheduling and delegate daily task/Fielding Calls

  • Answer calls, return emails, and similar tasks

  • Provide various levels of customer service

  • Type documents, mail letters, and take notes

Professional Support

  • Handle financial tasks in payroll and accounting

  • Make business purchases and deal with vendors

  • Share industry-related advice and guidance

Personal Assistance

  • Serve as a point of contact for other team members

  • Schedule meetings and manage daily calendar

  • Book travel accommodations and car rentals


Marketing Support

  • Manage blogs and social media accounts

  • Create presentations and sales materials

  • Collaborate with writers, graphic artists, and designers

 IT/Technical Support

  • Handle website maintenance and updates

  • Provide tech support to customers and vendors

Sales Support

  • Drive traffic to online storefronts

  • Create promotional campaigns and events

  • Find and engage potential customers


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